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APR 15-17 & 22-24

2022 Pass Buying Guide

The complete guide for scoring your Coachella Passes.

When Do Passes Go On Sale?



Read this guide before Coachella Passes go on sale to take the stress out of ordering.

Advance Sale Registration Info

Registering for the advance sale is an easy multi-step process:

  1. Sign up with your name, mobile number and email
  2. Verify your mobile number with a 4-digit SMS verification code
  3. You’ll receive an SMS and email with your unique purchase code and a link to purchase the morning of the advance sale

Additional information:
  • The advance sale will start at 10AM PT on Friday, June 4th 2021. Any remaining inventory will go on sale to the public at 2PM.
  • Advance Sale Registration does not guarantee passes, inventory is limited.
  • Unique purchase codes and a link to purchase will be sent via SMS and email the morning of the advance sale. 
  • Every code is unique and can only be used once.
  • If you misplace your code, you can go back to prereg.coachella.com, enter your mobile number and view your unique code
  • Your code will be valid until the public on sale at 2PM on Friday, June 4th, 2021.
  • All advance sale codes will be distributed beginning at 8 AM PT, on Friday, June 4th 2021. If you can’t find your code, visit prereg.coachella.com to log in or sign up.  For further ticketing support, email presale@tunespeak.com
  • To cancel your registration, sign in using your mobile number on prereg.coachella.com and use the cancel registration button.
  • To remove or update the data associated with your advance sale registration, email presale@tunespeak.com

Prepare for Sale

Select your passes
  • Limit four (4) passes per weekend.

  • Review the Passes Page to know what you plan on purchasing before the on sale date.

  • Plan for alternative passes in case the ones you want are no longer available.

  • Don’t forget to consider purchasing Shuttles, Camping, Companion Parking and other Add-Ons.

  • See Pass & Order Info for details.

Update your account
  • Save time by creating or updating your customer account before passes go on sale.

  • Create/Update

Plan payment & shipping
  • Passes can be purchased using American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal (Festival Ticketing & Festicket), Venmo (Festival Ticketing/mobile only)

  • Passes are only shipped once, so provide an address that can receive the package.

  • Shipments that cannot be delivered must be picked up at Will Call by the name on the initial order (I.D. required).

  • International travelers can choose to pick-up their order at Will Call when placing an order.

  • Payment Plan available.

  • See Shipping & Will Call/Box Office Info for details.

Placing Your Order

Get In Line
  • On the day passes go on sale, go to the purchase link sent via SMS or email for the advance sale or from Coachella.com (on sale) and select the weekend you'd like to purchase on the homepage. You will be sent to the Festival Ticketing website to make your purchase.

  • If you navigate to the purchase page before 10 AM PT (advance) or 2 PM PT (on sale), you will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the sale begins.

  • When the sale begins, everyone in the waiting room will be randomly assigned a place in line.

  • When it’s your turn, proceed by following the instruction to order all Festival Passes, Camping, Parking and Add-Ons as you planned.

No more passes?
  • If the passes you want to purchase are no longer available, you may attempt to order alternative passes before checkout.

  • Do not purchase passes from unauthorized 3rd party vendors (scalpers).

  • Plan ahead for Coachella 2022 by joining our newsletter and following our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to be notified of the next passes sale.

See Pass & Order Info for details.

Once You've Purchased


For help or questions with your FESTIVAL TICKETING order/account, please contact ticket purchase support:

Online support here
Phone support 855-771-3667
10am-4pm Mon-Fri (MST)

  • To log in/access your FESTIVAL TICKETING account, click here.

  • For help or questions with your FESTICKET (International orders), please visit: support.festicket.com

  • For help or questions with your LYTE order, please visit: support.lyte.com


Rules (Read Before Ordering)

  • All ages welcome.

  • Kids 5 & under Free.

  • A Festival Pass is a single wristband that is worn all three days.

  • Festival Passes are valid for the entire weekend that you purchased.

  • Festival Passes are only valid for the specific weekend that you purchased—no switching weekends.

  • Wristband is void if tampered with or removed.

  • Wristband activation required for entry into the festival.

  • Coachella Mobile App required to activate wristband.

  • Any Line Shuttle Passes cannot be replaced if lost.

  • Onsite camping is 18+ unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • Both weekends will feature the *same line up, art, food and activities *subject to change.

  • All sales are final—no refunds, cancellations or exchanges (unless the festival is postponed or cancelled).

  • The name on the original order cannot be changed.

  • Limit four (4) Festival Passes of any combination per weekend.

  • Orders over the limit in any combination of orders and/or passes are subject to cancellation at any time without notice. 

  • Any orders found to be placed for yourself or others to circumvent the Festival Pass limit, regardless of method, will be subject to cancellation of order and pass (with refund) at any time, without notice.

  • If you are logged into your ticketing or another account and place another order using a different name, account, credit card, email address or billing address, your order will be subject to cancellation without notice.

  • Tent and Car Camping Passes are limited to two (2) per order.

  • You may purchase only two (2) Car Camping or Tent Camping Pass, not both, regardless if in separate orders.

  • Camping Companion Parking Passes are limited to one (1) per order.

  • Review Camping Details & FAQs before ordering Camping Passes.

  • There are minimum browser requirements to place an order online. Make sure you have the most updated version.

  • Do not buy passes from a 3rd party/scalper. We won’t service, authenticate or support passes purchased from a 3rd party/scalper. We do not assist in any 3rd party transactions. Receipts/Order Confirmations can be faked/forged. Don’t be fooled.

  • By purchasing passes, you agree to all Terms of Sale, Terms of Use and Wristband Terms of Use.

  • Both weekends will feature the *same line up, art, food and activities *subject to change.


General Information
  • Information and dates on this page are subject to change.

  • All wristbands from 2020 will be deactivated and void. You will be shipped new wristbands for 2022.

  • Do not put your wristband on until you are on your way to the festival and have activated it.

Important Dates
  • The last day to update your shipping address is Friday February 11, 2022.

  • Shipping will begin around Mid to late February 2022. Weekend 1 will ship first, then Weekend 2.

  • The last day to place a domestic order and have it shipped: Weekend 1 – Wednesday March 30, 2022 | Weekend 2 – Wednesday April 6, 2022. Domestic orders placed after these dates must be picked up at Will Call.

  • The last day to place an international order and have it shipped: Weekend 1 - Thursday, March 10th, 2022 | Weekend 2 - Thursday, March 17th, 2022. All international orders placed after these dates will go to Will Call.

  • UPS Mail Innovations claims that international shipping takes approximately 4-14 days from receiving a shipping notification to delivery. However, delivery times might vary by destination. Please keep this in mind when making travel plans.

UPS Mail Innovations Shipping
  • Wristbands for both weekends will ship via UPS Mail Innovations.

  • It will take a minimum of four weeks to complete shipping for each weekend. Your patience is appreciated.

  • A tracking number will be emailed to you when your order is packed.

  • For instructions on updating your shipping address, please visit Festival Ticketing Support or Festicket Support (international ticketing partner)

  • Orders will not be re-shipped or shipped twice.

  • Shipping fees will not be refunded for undeliverable orders.

  • Orders unable to be delivered under any other circumstances (e.g., lost, stolen, errors, forgot something, alien abduction, dog scared the postman, wrong address, etc.) must be picked up at Will Call by the person whose name is on the original order. No exceptions.

  • Shipments “Returned to Sender” may choose a one-time reshipment offer for a fee of $17 domestic ($25 International) up until our shipment cutoff. Exceptions may apply. Absolutely no name changes allowed.

  • Wristband orders will be shipped in one complimentary commemorative box per passes order (not per pass or wristband). The condition of the box is not guaranteed. Commemorative box and packaging are not considered part of the order.

  • $17 additional fee for Domestic Shipping per order.

  • $25 additional fee for all International shipping per order.

  • Orders placed separately are shipped separately.

  • For more information on UPS Mail Innovations, please read the UPS Mail Innovations FAQ.

  • For Travel Package guests, wristbands and shuttle passes will not be mailed in advance. All materials will be available for pickup at the hotel during designated Travel Package Check-In hours, which will be provided via email prior to arrival.

  • $17 fee for domestic & $25 for international Poster shipping if ordered separately.

  • Posters and books are shipped separate from your festival passes.

  • Posters and books will not be available for pick-up at festival or will call/box office.

  • Book orders should start shipping in TBD to the billing address on file. Last day to update Photo Book shipping address is TBD. Please check back later for details.

  • Posters will start shipping after the festivals to the shipping address on file to ensure the most up to date line up and that you're back home. Tracking will be sent when your order is packed. Check back for shipping address update deadline.

Will Call & Box Office

  • Please check back closer to festival dates for Will call/Box office (OFF SITE) location, dates/hours of operations, parking info, rules and other protocols.

  • If you are picking up your order from Will Call, you must come to the Box Office before arriving at Coachella. You will be turned away if you arrive at the festival grounds without your wristband on your wrist.

  • Absolutely no name changes or alternate Will Call pick-ups will be allowed.

  • Government issued photo ID of order account holder, order number and the credit card used for purchase are required for pick-up at Will Call.

  • For Travel Package guests, wristbands and shuttle passes will not be mailed in advance. All materials will be available for pickup at your HOTEL during designated Travel Package Check-In hours, which will be provided via email prior to arrival.

  • For wristband help, please remember the wristband must be activated in the name of the person seeking assistance at the window.


Please check back closer to festival dates.


Please check back closer to festival dates.