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OCT 9-11 & 16-18

Official Waitlist & Fan to Fan Exchange

powered by Lyte

Coachella has created a fair-priced and 100% legitimate ticket exchange program using the Lyte platform. Can’t make the show? Return your sold-out passes so another fan can buy them at a fair price. Missed the sold-out passes you wanted? Get on the waitlist for passes from other fans selling them at fair market price.

Looking to Swap Weekends? We got you:

The Official Weekend Exchange is the place to exchange weekend passes for Coachella 2020. (For hotel packages please contact info@valleymusictravel.com to inquire about swapping weekends)

    Here's how it works:

  • Enter Your Email

  • Verify the identification for the pass you’d like to swap. (Note: Your pass will only be taken when we find your ideal swap.)

  • Enter your phone number, click ‘Start Exchange’.

  • Receive SMS from us informing you the exchange has started and we’re searching for your swap (with link to cancel the request at any time before it’s fulfilled.)

  • Receive SMS from us when we have successfully swapped your pass!

  • Receive email confirmation for the exchange!

  • Passes swapped through the Official Weekend Exchange are always authentic.

  • Helping someone else reach their Coachella weekend goals while you reach yours beats buying and selling from unaffiliated third parties every time!

Looking for Passes?

  • Go to this Link:

  • Click “Request Passes” and choose the type and quantity of passes you’d like to request.

  • Enter your Attendee information.

  • Enter your payment information. (Note: You’ll only be charged if we find you passes.)

  • Review your request and once you confirm, click “Request Passes”.

  • You are welcome to leave the waitlist at any time.

  • Your card will be charged automatically once the pass you are looking for has been found.

  • No Payment Plans will be available for the waitlist.

Looking to sell your passes?

  • Go to this link: WEEKEND 1 | WEEKEND 2
  • Click “Return Passes” and log in using the same email you used to purchase passes
  • Select the passes you wish to return.
  • View the offer, click “Accept” to continue.
  • Enter your paypal account information
  • Confirm your return information and click “Finish”. You’re all set!
    • You will receive payment within 72 hours of the event taking place
    • You can still return your pass after you have received your wristband in the mail however please note that your wristband will be cancelled.
    • Any returned wristbands that attempt to scan in onsite may result in forfeiture of your refund.

I want to understand Lyte prices

Lyte prices are based on fair market value and may be higher than original prices if there are significantly more requests than passes. However, Lyte’s prices are always lower than third-party websites. Lyte technology drives prices back to the original value. By using the Fan-to-Fan Exchange, you are helping us in our fight against scalping.