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Amplifying the intersectionality of BIPOC people with disabilities – creating a path through hands-on experience to be a part of a new festival future.

Coachella fan in wheelchair watching a show

Our Mission

Accessible+ (A+) is an immersion opportunity for BIPOC people with disabilities to experience the Coachella Festival, build community and come together to discuss festival accessibility and learn about professional opportunities in the live event industry. We are the first of our kind, as we are led by experts and leaders who are a part of the disabled BIPOC community. Our leaders are committed to ensuring the disabled BIPOC community is both represented by, and in charge of their own narratives.

Our mission is to amplify the intersectionality of BIPOC people with disabilities by providing a unique opportunity to participate in the Festival experience. Harnessing the passion of individuals who are often marginalized, we will create a path of discovery and an invitation to be a part of the larger festival cultures.

Photo of fans standing in Accessible+ tent

We will provide an immersion opportunity for participants with disabilities to camp, partake and learn through an engaged experience exploring what it means and takes to be a part of the Festival. We aim to create a safe environment and foster community building within our participant group and amongst the greater BIPOC disabled community at the show. The A+ program includes:

  • Exclusive programming that showcases the history of the Coachella Festival and its operations. Through specialized programming, participants gain professional insights, participate in career exploration opportunities, and network with industry leaders.
  • TThe program will create a unique opportunity for our participants to learn about the different careers involved in live music events and paid opportunities to work festivals in the future.
  • Participants will receive a ticket to the Festival and a free space to camp.
  • VIP access to most of the activations on the festival grounds.

Program applications are now open. Apply today!