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OCT 9-11 & 16-18

For Our Planet

A pledge to be an agent of change and create a festival that leaves a positive impact on our desert home and beyond.

What is For Our Planet?

The everyday decisions we make have an impact on our planet and ecosystems, whether it’s driving a car, using a plastic water bottle or simply throwing away trash– it all adds up in the global carbon calculator.

In 2020, Coachella will build off its environmental initiatives and launch new ones to account for our emissions, save water and divert waste. We know there’s still a lot to do and we remain committed to a future where unsustainable consumption becomes a thing of the past.

We can’t do it alone, join us on our journey towards a more sustainable Coachella.

Our Part

  • Speak up about the impacts of climate change

  • Transition to low-carbon technologies

  • Adopt the principles of a circular economy

  • Minimize single-use plastics

  • Deploy a Waste Gang team to increase recycling & compost

  • Donate all unwanted goods to local community partners

  • Work with partners & vendors who support our initiatives

  • Educate our employees & friends

  • Share best practices

Your Part

  • Minimal footprint: carpool, camp, ride a shuttle and bring a reusable bottle

  • Please follow the signage on our recycling and compost bins to properly dispose of waste

  • Leave no trace!

  • Be creative and reuse the clothes you already have in your closet

  • Join Explore Coachella in the app to earn rewards by completing eco-challenges


  • Up to 60,000 attendees hitch a ride on our festival shuttles daily*. Not to mention - shuttles are a fast, easy, fun way to get to & from the festival each day. Reserve a spot now!

  • Up to 35,000 people camping on-site each weekend rather than driving to & from the show each day.

Plant-Based Alternatives
  • Many of our food vendors offer vegan dishes and 100% are required to provide a vegetarian option. Check back soon for the full food lineup!

*773 tons of carbon emissions offset in 2019 (Data accounts for Coachella & Stagecoach)


Conscious Irrigation
  • Part of the festival experience is laying on the grass. When we irrigate the polo field grass to keep it nice and green for you, we use non-potable water.

  • To reduce the amount of water for irrigation, we are replacing areas of turf around the site with alternative landscapes.


Reducing Single-Use Plastics
  • We will drastically minimize single-use plastic bottles by substituting with aluminum packaging for all beverages sold inside the venue and in camping. This switch will eliminate well-over 2MM single-use plastic bottles.*

  • We are also instituting new bar policies to eliminate about 160,000 single-use plastic cups.

Water Refill Stations
  • We will have 40 water stations throughout the festival to make refilling your reusable Contigo® bottle even easier.

  • Outside of recyclable cups, all food vendors are required to use compostable serviceware including plates, cups, and utensils.

Local Donations
  • We donate left-over food items from catering areas and materials left by campers to desert local Galilee Center. In 2019, we donated 28 tons* of food and material. 

  • Leave no trace!

Waste Gang
  • In 2018, we created the Waste Gang team to increase the amount of materials we recycle and compost at the festival. In 2019, they helped us divert 94 tons* of mixed recycling and 93 tons* of compost.

* Data accounts for Coachella & Stagecoach


Explore Coachella
  • When you complete challenges related to our sustainability efforts, you will earn rewards. Learn more here.

POSTed Studios
  • Turn your ideas on social and environmental change into powerful poster art. Collaborate with renowned artists to turn your concept into a beautiful poster that will be shared with the Coachella community around the world. Learn more here

Speaker Series
  • Hear from artists & activists talking about environmental issues.

  • Global Inheritance has selected 50 + artists to design the best looking recycling bins on the planet. Learn more here.

Recycling Store
  • Bring back empty recyclables that you can exchange for fresh water, or collect all weekend and redeem for bigger prizes. Learn more here

Conscious Collective Market
  • Located in camping, this market will showcase thrifted and vintage, eco-friendly, responsibly-sourced, vegan and hand-crafted items from ethical vendors. Pack light & shop on site! Learn more here

2020 Sustainability Partners

Global Inheritance
  • We’ve partnered with Global Inheritance for over a decade to develop environmental and educational programs to bring attention to global issues like climate change. With a shared passion for fostering creativity and imagination, Global Inheritance and Coachella’s major goal is to design interactive programs that can be integrated seamlessly into the festival experience.

  • Volunteer or Get Involved

    View Best of Global Inheritance x Coachella 2019 photo gallery

  • As the official reusable bottle partner of Coachella 2020, Contigo® and Coachella have teamed up to create the Coachella x Contigo collaboration water bottle for the festival, helping to reduce up to 2MM single-use plastic bottles from the desert festival footprint in 2020.

  • Reuse is the best solution. We’re adding more water refill stations around the festival. Plus, debuting a Coachella X Contigo limited-edition reusable water bottle for purchase.

  • Pepsi has made it a business imperative to help build a circular future for packaging. Frito-Lay snacks available at the Coachella and Stagecoach festivals represent an important step in this journey. All Lay’s®, Doritos® and Cheetos® sold at the events are produced with industrial compostable* packaging material.

  • * Appropriate facilities may not exist in your area. Biologically disintegrates to CO2 and water plus some residual inks and aluminum oxide, which will not harm plants and is usable for compost

Galilee Center
  • Galilee Center is the official donation recipient of Coachella 2020. The organization’s mission is to fulfill the needs of the underprivileged and disadvantaged by providing food, clothing and other basic needs and to affirm their dignity with love, compassion and respect.